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María José is 51 years old. Nowadays she teaches Spanish and Spanish literature to foreigners. She got college degree in the Netherlands, where she lived 18 years. Due to her extensive experience she has created own teaching method.

“ My aim is to make the student speak Spanish from the first day through conversation basic grammar, reading texts, games and different types of exercises. Moreover, Its important to me that students get in touch with the Spanish culture and customs. I currently live with my daughter, who is studying law. I have another daughter who is studying biology who lives in Malaga. Some of my hobbies are meditation, walking, swimming, reading and watching movies. We live in a quiet but well connected area in the beautiful village of Benalmádena Pueblo, half an hour from Malaga, which is beautiful city where there are much cultural activitys . We have a average temperature of 20 degrees all year long, this allow us to enjoy the beach and lots of outdoor activities.

Benalmádena Pueblo, the original village, which lies about three kilometres inland at an elevation of approximately 200 m above mean sea level. Its core consists of a typical white-fronted Andalusian village, although including numerous recent buildings in modern architectural styles. The town of Benalmádena also has an archaeological museum with locally-derived artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age.


The municipality’s population boom began in the 1950s with the birth and development of mass tourism on the Spanish coast. Many established hotels, restaurants and businesses opened in this period, such as the Hotel Triton [1961], Tivoli World amusement park [1973], Torrequebrada casino and hotel [1979], Selwo Aquarium, Sea Life Aquarium, Chollocasa, Cable car, Irentinsapain, Hotel Alay. Many more were constructed in the early twentyfirst century. The town is also home to Benalmádena Stupa, the largest stupa (a structure important in Buddhism) in the Western world,[citation needed] standing 33 meters tall.


It covers an area of just over than 27 km2 that extends from the summits of the Sierra de Mijas to the , falling in some places as a cliff. The territory is crossed from east to west on Highway A-7, which connects with the provincial capital and other centers of the Mediterranean coast.

It is one of the chief tourist centres on the western Costa del Sol. The wide range of facilities and services are complemented by an international amusement park.The town is located on a hill, which means there are magnificent views to be seen. Further down are the buildings of Arroyo de la Miel, where most of the population lives, and lastly, Benalmádena-Costa, which has a great many hotels and golf courses, a casino and Puerto Marina. Strikingly original is the Castle of Bil-Bil, a curious structure built on the beach front in 1934 in the neo-Arabian style and which the city council uses to stage exhibitions and cultural events. Also of interest are the Muro gardens, a blend of plants and water designed by César Manrique”

+ Information: http://golearnspanish.com/learn-spanish-in-teachers-house/l.14


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