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GO Learn Spanish is one start up selected to participate in the business incubator BOLT of Malaga which has in turn with the support of Pro-malaga within its project Malaga Valley as well as the EOI and the Deloitte Consulting firm among other participating entities.

Lab Coworking

The initial phase of the Business Plan, funding to the onLine posting the 1 de Agosto del 2014 han trascurrido tres meses.

We are an integrated group by - among others- the following initiatives

Domains and Web hosting

Websites and business online

Purse Jorge Martín, founder of GO Learn Spanish

Después de viajar por algunos países y mi interés por practicar idiomas me di cuenta que no existía una plataforma que permitiera reservar ofertas de aprendizaje de español fuera del contexto tradicional del aula. También vi que me sentía mas cómodo en entornos donde podía desarrollar actividades y socializar. Support and family classes I were much more effective and also allowed to do so in an informal manner and with more motivation than the traditional method. This methodology is offered through international channels and academies but at very high prices, so I thought that this platform could help connect supply and demand with costs but reduced.

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