Learn Spanish eating healthy and dancing the more enveloping rhythms of the world!!!



Is scientifically proven that learning is easier when body and mind are synchronized, Therefore we have chosen the dance in a Venezuelan instructor-led choreographies and, In addition, Spanish rock songs best-known to make Spanish or Latin language par excellence the way to have fun learning….




Our accommodation is a bright space, broad and independent, sheltered by a family environment consisting of three members, Sara's 12 years, Manolo and I Ana María, those who are happy to share a piece of our home.




And as the dance and music are part of our lives, because we have chosen this approach to make them more accessible and enjoyable this language… bailoterapia classes are twice a week, for two hours, in a civic centre of Seville. The remaining days will be academic hours with music, We will listen to local radio stations that have the music as a specialty in Spanish. In addition we will prepare a healthy breakfast and lunch while we practice a conversation in Spanish.


Let's learn Spanish dancing and singing!!


+ Information: http://golearnspanish.com/in-family-home-with-independente-and-confortable-room/l.18

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